About Us

aboutusWestlands is a privately owned residential care home, run by an established team of dedicated, trained and experienced care professionals, with the owner also at the home most days.

The majority of the staff at Westlands are full time employees and this has created a strong and caring connection between our staff members and our residents, who feel more at ease with familiar faces, with our staff able to really get to know each resident’s individual needs.

We also have a high ratio of staff to residents, which allows our team to spend more time one-to-one, helping with activities and joining residents at meal times, creating a very warm, relaxed, family atmosphere.

Management describes the Westlands ethos and approach: “Everyone deserves dignity and respect and we see that as a vital part of our training and care. We have a very caring team who treat our residents as they would their own parents and how they would wish to be treated themselves. We also recognise and honour our residents’ individuality and their need to keep in place their own routines, such as getting up and going to bed when they want and deciding what they want to eat.”

All the staff at Westlands take part in an on-going programme of training and we actively seek feedback from residents, their families and visiting professionals.